Monthly Archives: March 2013

Enhanced School Education


21st century school education is very different to how it was for the previous generation.  One of the main reasons is due to the huge advancement in technology.  Thus, when visiting schools, one will find much typical school furniture has been replaced by very different, modernized, technological-appropriate versions.  For example, gone are the days of blackboards; instead, interactive whiteboards are used.  Say goodbye to paper-and-pen for note-taking, instead make sure your child has the latest laptop or tablet.  Of course, as with any radical change, there are pros and cons to these new ways of learning but the fact is that this is now the way of the world.

Since at home and during playtime children today are used to living with gadgets, it really does make sense for this to be extended to school.  In addition, the younger generation has more of a natural capacity to acclimatize to gadgets, making technological learning relatively easy and comfortable for them.