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Computers in the Class


Educational Technology Tools for School Age Children

Today, there are so many ways to use technology to enhance student learning. Sure, sometimes technology is misused in the classroom and mismanaged. But, for the most part, the possibilities with technology are endless and amazing. Here are some great examples of technological resources that teachers can use and that students can use on their own.

Zap Reader: This speed reading program is supposed to help you increase the speed at which you read on your computer. It’s worth a look.

Blogger: One great tool for English teachers and language teachers is to show students that their work is relevant to their lives. Help students to build their own blog and ask them to blog on it twice a week. You can check their blogs and require certain things from each blog, or let them use it for free writing and expression.

Mind Mapping: This is an incredible tool that allows the teacher or the student to brainstorm ideas and to map plans. It enables you to prepare for a writing assignment, to plan out your history work, to device a science project and much more.

Maps of War: If you’re a history buff or just need to look something up, Maps of War is the place to be. You can find almost anything you need here to learn more about a period in history and to see a corresponding map of that time and place.