From Ebooks to External Batteries: Some Tips for Students

Nowadays it’s not just the school furniture that students require, but a whole host of gadgets, from electronic to simple, which gets students excited. Here is a short list of some of our favorite items no students should be without.

Mobile Phone: Whether it is an iPhone, or android, your student needs a way to communicate, not only with his friends, but with you as well.

Ebook Reader: For students that love to read, ebook readers are a wonderful convenience. Libraries offer books strait to the reader for free, and getting a book not in the library is as easy as pressing a few buttons. The choice is mostly between the $70 cheap Kindle and the $120 Kindle Paperwhite. The $50 difference gets you a light and a touchscreen. You decide if those two items are worth the extra money.

Satechi External Battery

Satechi External Battery

External Battery: This is an essential item for anyone that relies on their cellphone to keep running all day long, not to mention other gadgets they might have on the go. There are a few expensive versions of this gadget, but the best example of value for dollar is the Satechi External Battery. It is only $58, but it has 10,000 mAh of power which can charge a phone at least five times. It fits in a pocket, and with two USB ports for charging you can use it to charge two gadgets simultaneously.