Helping Children with ADHD

A PDA could be just the thing your ADD child needs

A PDA could be just the thing your ADD child needs

There are many gadgets and tools to help children with Attention Deficit Disorder to do better in school. These tools can help children when they are sitting at their school desks trying to get their homework done or when they are studying for tests.
Don’t become overwhelmed by the large number of products available to help children compensate for their learning struggle.

First concentrate on just two or three of your child’s most critical problems in school. Look for easy-to-use products that deal with these particular needs. Try and purchase these tech-tools long before school begins so that our child will have time to understand how the tool works and how it will help him. If he/she seems to not be getting the knack of it then think about getting a tutor who can help with the gadget.

Help your child stay organized and get places on time with a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). This hand-held mini-computer can help children from about 12 years old and up stay organized. PDAs include planners for keeping track of assignments and activities, a to-do list, a note pad, and alarms to help your child get there on time. A visual timer is a great way to help kids with ADD keep track of time with external cues. For $25 you can get the “Time Timer” which uses a diminishing red disc to graphically display the passing of time.