Innovative High-Tech Tools to Help Kids Learn


Computer tables are not just a place to hold your computer for work; they can be the key to making your child’s education fun and exciting. The number of computer-based gadgets designed to give kids a great learning experience is astounding.

Does your child take music lessons, guitar perhaps? A neat little gadget called the iRig hooks up to an electric guitar so that the musician can then play his guitar into the iRig device and then out through any i-device such as an iPad, iPhone or laptop. This gives the musician the ability to tune up and play music right there, with no need for a heavy, inconvenient speaker. A great benefit for parents is that it is possible to also listen through headphones.

One gadget that is sure to be popular with teens is the Nintendo 3SXL. Load that up with any one of many educational games, and you have a portable school right at your fingertips. Many games are geared to math training, memory improvement, and hand-eye coordination practice.

Is dancing your child’s first love? The Nintendo Wii can be fitted with a dance program that will get your child up and moving, and perhaps more adventurous parents as well. Dancing is a fantastic aerobic exercise, and the program also teaches steps to many popular modern dances.

No question, the gadgets that are most likely to be placed up on the podiumsof innovation, are called the Nabi and the Nabi Junior. These gadgets are the world’s first full-featured Android-platform tablets made with kids in mind. Almost anything an adult can do on a tablet, a kid can do on a Nabi, including reading books, exploring the internet, learning math, and much, much more.

There is certainly no shortage of great electronic gadgets to keep kids learning.