Learning Gadgets for Little Kids


Some of us resist using technology when teaching our kids today. We don’t want our children sitting on their computers all day long and we want them to learn in a traditional way. However, as long as the technology is being used to actually enhance learning and to teach, it can actually be quite an asset in the classroom and in the home. Learning can be done with classroom furniture, but it can also begin in the home. Here are some gadgets that can enhance student learning for young learners.

LeapReader: LeapFrog: This is a learning and reading tool for kids. Kids can sound out words and read sentences. They can learn to write letters while receiving guidance. There are Learn to Read programs, Learn to Write programs and Learn to Listen programs that all enhance learning for kids from 4-8.

ABC Adventure Elefun: This item is for even younger learners from six months to 3 years approximately. It helps infants to learn their first 100 words including learning colors and other items.

Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase: This suitcase has an activity panel with four light-up piano keys, a phone that you can remove, spinning gears and more. Kids can learn their first words, learn greetings in both English and Spanish, learn about modes of transportation and sing along to more than thirty songs.

These are but a few of the thousands of technology gadgets out there today that are intended to help children of all ages with their learning.