Writing Skills and High-Tech Aids

Creativity can flow with speech recognition software

Creativity can flow with speech recognition software

One of the main objects of education is to teach writing skills. No matter how modern the school furniture, or how comfortable the classroom chairs, it is not important compared to the learning going on in the school. One of the most important things taught in school is writing skills.

It is useful to point out the writing actually depends on combining several skills together, which for many children can be fraught with difficulties. Some of the skills necessary are the ability to organize thoughts, finding the correct words, and then putting those words into understandable sentences.

In our current society, with the development of high-tech solutions, there are tools to help children to develop the skills they need to become competent writers. The following is a list of such useful tools.

•    Portable word processor
•    Tablet PC
•    Speech recognition software
•    Word prediction software
•    Electronic spell-checker and dictionaries